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IT Deployment Services

Eliminate disruptions with smooth technology implementation

The ITRegulators are equipped with cutting-edge testing facilities, certified engineering resources, years of IT expertise, and diverse project management skills to smoothly implement technology projects. We guarantee timely project completion within budget.

Rest easy knowing that our deployment experts plan every facet of your IT project down to the most minute detail. Our thorough, efficient implementation process ensures minimal downtime and prevents common issues from popping up and causing disruptions.

Our deployment teams follow detailed instructions and sign-off processes to ensure the user experience is delivered ensuring IT support confidence is retained and enhanced at the end stages of every project.

ITRegulators’ IT Deployment Services are implemented in the following orders:
Project planning

An integral part of our Project Management philosophy is the creation and management of detailed and workable project plans.

Through consultation workshops with all parties involved every element of the project is analyzed and documented.

Production and customizing

End user requirements vary from client to client. In our production facility we can customize your system to your specifications.

Hardware upgrades, software upgrades, asset tagging or deployment staging.

Hardware and software installation

All our deployment teams are certified and experienced engineers; we will tailor the installation process to meet your requirements and user expectations.

From hardware deployments and upgrades to software integration we can deliver on your needs and the needs of your business.

Logistics and delivery

With every project, the delivery to site and the removal of obsolete equipment can pose additional strains on any IT department or facility management.

Combining our staging area with your logistic experience we can ensure a seamless and painless deployment on a nationwide basis.

Offsite configuration

Getting the product to the desk is only one phase of any project, final configuration and user specific requirements require the skills of experienced engineers.

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